Lottoland Australia - Play US Powerball, Mega Millions & Euro Millions Lotto

Lottoland Australia – Play US Powerball & More

Are you a fan of the world’s best lottos? Do you like to take part in both our own Australian competitions as well as the best that both the United States and Europe has to offer? Would you like to have one great place to visit that quickly helps you enter all the amazing competitions you’d like to? If this is you – then welcome to Lottoland!

This amazing website – plus a terrifically useful app – brings together all those chances for you to win big by entering as many of these great competitions as you wish to. You can tailor your entries from day to day, week to week, or use our amazing subscription options to make sure you never miss a single lotto draw for the ones you choose to be a regular part of.

So, which lotteries does Lottoland give you the chance to enter – and win big? Let’s start on our own shores, where we help you enter both of our major Australian lottos. So, each Wednesday and Saturday you can be a potential winner in our famous Australian Lotto draws. You’ll also surely want to be entered when they offer those iconic super and mega draws. And, if it’s Australia, then we simply have to provide you with all the opportunities you could ever want to play Keno for that million dollar prize chance whenever the time suits for you right throughout each day.

Australia and the United States could probably go head to head as the countries where lottos are one of the most popular parts of everyday life. That’s why, here at Lottoland, we make sure you have the easy entry access you’ll demand to allow you to be part of those astonishing jackpot possibility draws in America.

For just a $5 stake, you can give yourself that opportunity to compete for truly mind blowing amounts of prize money. Take the world famous US Powerball, where your entry means you’ll be in with a chance of being a jackpot winner, where the guaranteed pot is at least $55 million!

Another US option is the equally famous Mega Millions draw. This one offers a jackpot each week of at least $20m. That’s the minimum, however; their past jackpots have crashed through the $800m barrier. Access to these lottos, in a country where the population is around 14 times that of our own country, offers those huge jackpot possibilities.

It’s the same across the continent of Europe. Again, a greater population base offers correspondingly larger jackpot chances. Take the well established Euro Millions and Euro Numbers competitions; popular lotto options available to citizens in 13 European countries –and, of course, thanks to Lottoland, to you as well! The Euro Millions Lottery is officially titled a transnational lottery competition, with participants in the UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Portugal and elsewhere.

So, if you want to support our own great Australian lottos, plus also give yourself the chance to win big in those key European and United States options, then your single source for all you need to know and do is simply Lottoland.

Play US Powerball Online

Looking for that chance to be part of some of the world’s biggest jackpot offering competitions? Then, here at Lottoland, we’d like to welcome you to the world of the legendary US Powerball lotto. It’s hugely popular right across America, and not surprisingly, has many fans here on our own shores. Your stunning US Powerball lottery draw is held two times each week on Thursdays and Sundays.

Wondering what you are in with a chance of winning? Well the US Powerball distributes its winnings through an amazing nine prize divisions. The jackpot itself is at least $55 million and that’s the minimum; past US Powerball record jackpots have reached right up to an almost inconceivable $1 billion. By the way, if you’re lucky enough to be a jackpot winner, they give you the option of either that single lump sum, or you could opt for a guaranteed payment delivered every year for the next 30.

Here at Lottoland, we like to make it as easy as you wish it to be to take part. So, if you want, you can set up your subscription to be a part of every single draw. Our Lottoland team also make it easy for you to see how lucky you’ve been by publishing all the US Powerball winning numbers on our own website.

Play Euro Millions Lotto Online

Whether you’ve been lucky enough to spend time in Paris or not, by entering the draw you can be there in spirit twice a week when the Euro Millions number draws take place there. You’ll be pleased to do so when you know that Euro Millions regularly offers the highest jackpots right across that great continent. You’ll be able to be part of all the possibilities for $5 per entry.

Entering through our Lottoland website or app is so easy. All you have to do is choose just five numbers from between one and 50. You’ll then add your two star numbers choices; these range from one to 11. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be part of the relevant draw that takes place in one of the world’s great cities twice a week on Fridays and Tuesdays. Of course, you can use our subscription option to make sure you never miss a single opportunity, and then check the winning numbers which we always publish here at Lottoland.

What might you win? Well, the minimum weekly jackpot prize is $21m. This is regularly rolled over until the winning numbers all come up, and to give you an idea of what this can mean, a mind blowing jackpot of $267 million has already been reached.

Play Mega Millions Lotto Online

Yes – if it’s called Mega, you know it’s going to be American! Mega Millions is a hugely popular twice weekly draw, with the action taking place on both Wednesdays and Saturdays. Our Lottoland team, through both our website and superb app, make it easy for you to be part of their amazing jackpot winning opportunities, and the stake is only $5 for each game you enter. If you never want to miss a chance to win, our subscription service has that covered for you.

Want to know how easy it is to play Mega Millions? Simply select six numbers. Your choice for the first five are from one and 75. This completed, you then need also to choose your Megaball itself, and your options here are between one and 15. Of course, once entered, you can always check the latest winning numbers here at Lottoland.

Now for the Mega Millions prize possibilities. Past jackpots have actually exceeded $500 million, with a pretty hand minimum always guaranteed at all of $20m. Want to know how high they have reached? Ready? Here goes then – a past Mega Millions jackpot has hit the $840m mark. As is usual with US lotto competitions, winners can opt for the complete jackpot winnings in one mega payment or spread the cash over 30 amazing year on year instalments. You’ll also find chance for a five-times Megaplier boost, where winning chances are increased in that way in the second division of their prizes.

Play Australian Lotto Online

If, like so many inhabitants of Australia, you feel that each Wednesday or Saturday wouldn’t feel right without taking the opportunity to be a part of our Australian Lotto, then the team here at Lottoland are with you in these feelings. Add to this the knowledge that each Thursday is the chance to be a keen participant in our great Australian Powerball draw. You won’t want to miss out, which is why our Lottoland team have introduced a terrific subscription service to make sure you’re always in it with a chance to win it. We know, of course, that there are a range of different titles for the competition; depending on where you are in Australia it might be the Tattslotto, Gold Lotto, or x Lotto. However, we also know that your chance to enter and your opportunity to win extends across all our great states and territories.

Entering couldn’t be simpler. Just opt for any six numbers between one and 40. Next, add your personal Powerball, and this is a number between one and 20. The Australian Saturday Lotto delivers across six generous prize divisions, and of course there’s a weekly jackpot set of at least $4 million, often it’s much higher than that starting point.

We know, here at Lottoland, how much folk also love the special Superdraws, with that guarantee of a $20 million jackpot. Then there’s that glorious annual Megadraw with a jackpot of $30 million or above. Finally, every Thursday offers the Powerball Australia draw, guaranteeing $3m and known to reach right up to $50 million and more. Of course the eight prize divisions offers more of these than any other Australian lotto. And, you can always check all winning numbers here at Lottoland.

Play Keno Online

This is reckoned to be one of the oldest cash games in the world, being played in China long before the world even knew of our great southern land! It’s hugely popular with so many Australians. Well, who doesn’t appreciate the chance to earn a cool million dollars, and to be able to try and do so every four minutes for most of every afternoon and night?

In fact, daily draws start at precisely 2.34pm AEST and continue offering that million dollar opportunity right through to 7.45am AEST each morning. During this period 20 numbers are drawn from the available 60 every four minutes. You are in charge of deciding how many numbers to play, with a minimum of just one and a maximum of 10.

To be a lucky million dollar champion, you must match all 10. Of course, even if you don’t, there are still many other great chances to be a Keno winner. Simply select your numbers, choose your individual stake of $1 to 10, with an aim of achieving as many numbers as possible out of those 20 drawn every four minutes.

At Lottoland, being part of Keno is just as easy as it is at the club or in your favourite pub. Either visit us online whenever you want to, or you can also take part in those Keno games using the terrific Lottoland mobile app. Keno and Lottoland – surely a winning combination!