Ladbrokes Ride Guide

Ladbrokes Ride Guide

Ladbrokes Ride Guide is a simple, fun and informative way to get great insight into the minds of the people at the very heart of every horse race you enjoy recreationally punting on. That’s right- we’re talking about the jockeys: those highly skilled, hugely respected and massively experienced masters of their exciting, dangerous and lucrative trade.

The guys who know more than just about everyone else regarding the complicated world of horse racing now give Ladbrokes and you exclusive access in the form of detailed and unscripted insight. We’re talking about all-important race tactics and the strategies they may be planning for the upcoming horse races that matter to you. The insight is packaged up in the form of videos and might be regarded as the form guide of tomorrow!

If you’re looking for helpful, detailed, exclusive, behind-the-scenes insight and knowledge into how the minds of your favourite and most respected jockeys in the industry work when it comes to planning and executing a great race, Ladbrokes Ride Guide is exactly what you have been hoping for.

Once you start sharpening your knowledge of what makes the jockeys tick with Ladbrokes Ride Guide, you’ll keep coming back again and again for more exclusive insight. That’s because the jockeys always tell it like it is when it comes to how they think the race will be run from a tactical and strategic point of view, with Ladbrokes Ride Guide.

So how does Ladbrokes Ride Guide, the latest innovation as horse racing keeps racing into the digital age, really work? Basically, it’s jockeys giving punters like you their candid thoughts and insight via the Ladbrokes desktop and mobile platforms. The aim of Ladbrokes Ride Guide is to arm you with some extra vital information before you place your bet and try to win big.

Some of the very best and most well-known jockeys in the business appear in short, less than 2 minute videos. They talk simply and honestly about their horse and how they think their next big race will proceed. The Ladbrokes Ride Guide program includes some of the best and most well-known jockeys in the business, including Damien Oliver, Michelle Payne, and more.

The Ladbrokes Ride Guide is a natural step for the world of horse racing, as Ladbrokes embraces our increasingly digital age and uses the first-person voices of the athletes themselves to drive the sport forwards. The goal of Ladbrokes Ride Guide is to thrill, inform and engage the public by connecting them directly with the heroes themselves – the jockeys.

The Ladbrokes Ride Guide videos can easily be accessed by clicking on your preferred jockey’s silks in the Ladbrokes form guide. What you’ll find is snappy, exclusive videos in which jockeys visualise and discuss what they think about various aspects of their forthcoming race, including track conditions, instructions from the trainer, and the traits and form of their horse.

Ladbrokes Ride Guide – learn more about racing

Ladbrokes Ride Guide is particularly valuable because horse racing is one of those sports in which punters truly benefit from more information. Horse racing is nuanced, the little details matter and knowledge is power – and that’s where Ladbrokes Ride Guide comes in.

Ladbrokes Ride Guide videos are posted before every major race day. The timely release of these helpful 2 minute videos put the power in the hands of the punter as you decide who to back. What better way to enhance your betting selection than to have had insight ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’!

Accessing the Ladbrokes Ride Guide videos could not be easier. You can do it from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device simply by clicking the Ride Guide play button on the silk of your preferred jockey. The silk to click can easily be found next to each runner on the card of the relevant race. And click the runner’s name to the right of the silk, and the expanded form will load, giving you exclusive access to extra information as well as the all-important Ladbrokes Ride Guide video you are looking for.

You can also find the helpful and informative Ride Guide videos, which are fully exclusive to Ladbrokes, in the Ladbrokes Info Hub. The Info Hub is a revolutionary feature offered by Ladbrokes, which together with the Ride Guide videos will make you among the most informed punters in Australia. So arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible with Ladbrokes and the easy-to-access Ride Guide, and give yourself the very best chance of succeeding with Ladbrokes. You’ll be heading into those horse race punts that matter to you armed with information including track conditions, weather, a race synopsis, basic race data as well as that all-important update from the jockeys themselves.

Your online experience with Ladbrokes will leave you with everything you need to know as you prepare to sit down and enjoy that informed punt on horse racing. Find the Ladbrokes Ride Guide videos by navigating to the main racing page at Ladbrokes and finding the Ride Guide icon. Simply click through to the race card page, and within seconds you’ll be watching the best jockeys in the business talking through the race tactics and strategies that you’ve always wished to know before placing a confident bet.

Ladbrokes Ride Guide will be available for all major metro Victorian horse racing meetings, and 60-70% of all the runners in the race at select locations. What you will learn from the Ladbrokes Ride Guide is unprecedented insight into the minds of the main players of the race – the jockeys. Bear in mind that Ladbrokes Ride Guide videos are for your entertainment only – all videos are unscripted and Ladbrokes does not guarantee the accuracy of the information.