Ladbrokes Odds Boost + Sports & Racing Odds Boost Extra

Ladbrokes Odds Boost

Wouldn’t it be great if you could pick your favourite harness racing, greyhound or thoroughbred race and increase the amount you’d get if your bet is a winner? That’s exactly what you get when you apply the Odds Boost. Found on your bet slip and incredibly easy to use, Odds Boost gives amateur betting enthusiasts the chance to increase their odds on a wide range of races and other sporting events. What’s not to like? Just apply the Odds Boost and you can enjoy an even bigger win than usual, without increasing your stake.

The Odds Boost is applied on a daily basis and renewed at midnight. This means you can use a new Odds Boost each day of the week to enhance your winnings on your favourite betting events. Whether you pick the favourite or opt for an outsider, you can use Odds Boost on any runner to improve the cash payout you’ll receive if your choice is a winner. Why settle for a smaller win when you can just use Odds Boost to ensure you get even more back for your stake?

Remember that you can’t roll your Odds Boost over from day to day and also that your account is only topped up if you use your Odds Boost in the first place – not a problem if you take advantage of this fantastic offer and use your Odds Boost each day to make your payout bigger than ever if your chosen runner is successful.

Ladbrokes Odds Boost Racing Extra

So what happens when your individual Odds Boost just isn’t enough? Our customers told us that they wanted more chances of enjoying some extra cash when they are lucky with a winning bet, which is why we’re offering the exciting Odds Boost Racing Extra. Applicable to a wide range of greyhound, harness racing and thoroughbred events throughout the year, the Racing Extra allows recreational betting enthusiasts to increase their odds on any single win, fixed price bet on that race without using any of their Odds Boost credit.

Odds Boost Racing Extra is available on a great selection of races – just look for the blue Odds Boost EXTRA logo to see if you can use this promotion. If the race is eligible, add it to your betting slip, click on the Odds Boost icon on your slip and wait for your potential winnings to start skyrocketing upwards! No wonder it’s such a popular choice with so many of our racing enthusiasts across the country.

The Odds Boost Racing Extra isn’t debited from your individual Odds Boost, so you can still use that to have the chance of a better payout on races that don’t show the “Odds Boost EXTRA” sign. Every day you’ll find plenty of races that you can use the Odds Boost Racing Extra with, giving you lots of opportunities to win bigger and better – just make sure you press the Odds Boost icon to apply the promotion to your chosen bet.

Ladbrokes Odds Boost Sporting Extra

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we decided to give our sports enthusiasts a chance to increase their odds and therefore improve their potential payout with the Odds Boost Sporting Extra.

Working in much the same way as the Racing Extra, it can be applied to many different sporting events each day. Just look for the “EXTRA” icon next to your chosen event, pick your single win bet and place it on your slip. When you press the Odds Boost icon on your slip, you can see the promotion being applied and your odds (and therefore your potential payout) rising.

The Sporting Extra Boost is available on a large number of matches, tournaments and other competitions across many different sports. As long as the “Odds Boost EXTRA” sign is shown, then the event is eligible.

If you decide to use Odds Boost Sporting extra promotion, note that it’s separate to your individual Odds Boost credit – you can still use that on sporting events that aren’t covered under the Odds Boost Sporting offer.

This exciting offer gives recreational punters the chance to significantly increase their winnings without increasing their stake – make your money go further and enjoy a greater payout on single win bet choices – just look for the “Odds Boost Extra” icon and remember to press the Odds Boost on your betting slip and you’ll be in with the chance to win bigger than before at no additional cost.

How to use Ladbrokes Odds Boost

Ladbrokes Odds Boost is a straightforward promotion that allows punters to increase the odds on a single win, fixed bet for a wide variety of different events.

The Odds Boost shows on both Quick Bet and Bet Slip when a single win, fixed bet is picked from any of our racing markets. To use the Odds Boost, just click on the icon. Each customer benefits from one Odds Boost a day. The Odds Boost is renewed at midnight each day and Boosts can’t be carried over from one day to the next.

Each Odds Boost can be applied to only one runner in one race each day, where a fixed, single win bet is placed.

The Ladbrokes Odds Boost Extra applies to selected racing and sporting events – the eligible events have a blue “Odds Boost Extra” sign next to them. If you place a fixed, single win bet on any of these events, then click the Odds Boost icon on your betting slip and your odds will be increased.

You can enjoy the Odds Boost Extra on any number of bets each day – as long as the event is eligible, you can apply the Odds Boost to it. The Odds Boost Extra is separate to your individual Odds Boost, which you can still use to lengthen the odds on any fixed, single win bet of your choice.

You can’t use bonus bets alongside Odds Boost Extra and the cash out feature isn’t available with this promotion.