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If you’re looking for top betting tips, racing results, scores and odds on a wide range of sports and events throughout the year, it’s time to have a look at the expert opinion and information iPunt offers.

iPunt’s comprehensive coverage includes NFL, Super Rugby, horse racing, A-League, NRL, AFL, EPL, cricket, soccer and tennis. In addition, you can also enjoy coverage of major international sporting events and leagues, such as action from NFL and NBL fixtures. iPunt gives every customer access to top quality tipping and predictor games that really add value to the betting experience.

At iPunt, we provide you with up-to-the-minute odds, as well as background statistics and analysis which form the basis for extremely accurate result predictions! We enable you to compare odds on a race or match from a number of different sources before committing to a particular bookie, enabling you to pick the best option every time.

Customers with an interest in horse racing will find our in-depth racing form guide, background information, analysis and tips particularly useful. Whether you need to check scores, play fantasy sports or find out more about a sporting event, you can do it all at

Our free betting tips cover the following:

Free Horse Racing Tips & Form Guide

If you’re a horse racing enthusiast, you’ll love our weekly betting tips round-up, which gives you top tipping advice for the Vic Metro and NSW Metro meetings.

For people who take form seriously, we offer an in-depth form guide telling you everything you need to know, including some highly effective tools to assist you further with form. Rapid access to horse racing results is delivered in the form of TAB results for every Australian meeting. This includes a comprehensive analysis of each race from commentators who are experts in their field.

When you need the very best horse racing odds, we can help. Our site brings you the odds from a wide range of Australian bookmakers, enabling you to choose the bookmaker and/or odds that are best for your needs. As if all this isn’t enough, our experienced team also bring you weekly editorials and news on a wide variety of relevant and intriguing racing topics. These are always a good read!

For anyone who enjoys betting and wants to make a success of it, our wide ranging guides, tips, analysis and information enables every customer to obtain the knowledge they need to help with decision making.

Free NRL Betting Tips

iPunt provides everything that NRL fans need to keep up with their sport. From weekly NRL betting tips and updates through to NRL statistics that keep you informed, we offer a solution to all your NRL information needs. Our site will give you the NRL odds on all National Rugby League games, as well as the NRL scores/live scores as they happen. If you want to keep up with the action, minute by minute, our updates and live scoring features are a great option.

Why not check out the NRL tipping advice from our experts, designed to give you the edge in fantasy competitions, NRL predictor competitions and more? We bring you the NRL odds not just from one Australian bookmaker, but from all the top names, enabling you to pick the best one to do business with.

If you want to enjoy top promotions, free bets and other great chances to win more while spending less from leading bookmakers, you can find plenty of regularly updated offers on iPunt’s site. For customers who want to know live NRL scores when they happen, we can send them straight to your mobile or you can pick them up on our site.

Free AFL Betting Tips

AFL enthusiasts will appreciate the top tipping advice from our experts which gives you the edge in tipping competitions and tells you what you need to know before each AFL game.

Why settle for the first bookmaker you come across when you could just as easily access hundreds of different odds through us? We bring you the AFL betting odds from a large number of different bookmakers, enabling you to find the best one for your needs. To keep up with the action as it happens, take advantage of our live score feature. Not only do we provide a live commentary on each AFL game, we update our site regularly with live scores and can send these direct to your mobile when you’re out and about.

The right AFL betting tips can make a difference, which is why our expert team give you a weekly bulletin containing high quality betting tips for the AFL Grand Final as well as the other games in the series.

For additional data to inform your decision making when it comes to deciding who has the best chance of winning a particular fixture, we provide a wealth of statistical information through our game predictor feature.

Free Rugby Betting Tips

iPunt provides the premium rugby betting tips you need for all the major national and international competitions, including The Rugby Championship, ITM Cup, Super Rugby and the Six Nations. Enjoy top quality tipping from the expert iPunt team.

For tipping competitions or for general interest, our weekly news bulletin contains high quality betting tips to inform your guesswork. We also have a popular predictor that contains a wealth of useful information. We bring you the odds from hundreds of different bookmakers, enabling you to find one that will potentially give you the biggest return on your money in the event of a lucky win. If you want access to fresh betting possibilities and some great special offers, we bring them to you through iPunt.

Rugby statistics and analysis always make for good reading, which is why our team bring you a detailed breakdown of relevant information for every game in top tournaments such as Super Rugby, the Six Nations, The Rugby Championship and the ITM Cup.

If you want the convenience of live scores direct to your mobile, we’ve got that covered! You can also find live scores on our site, keeping you up to date with what’s happening.

Free Soccer Betting Tips

If soccer is your passion, take a look at what we’ve got! From top soccer betting tips on A-league and EPL games from our team, through to detailed statistics, analysis, predictor data and news, we offer a one stop solution for all your Soccer tipping information needs.

At iPunt we bring you exclusive news about what’s going on here and abroad in the world of soccer. Our analysis and features include information on national and international fixtures, ensuring that when it comes to The FA Cup, Europa and Champions League, we’ve got it covered.

When it comes to placing a bet, odds matter! On our site you can find information on the odds offered by lots of different Australian bookmakers on top league games, enabling you to compare one with another, quickly and easily.

For customers who don’t want to wait until they get home to find out a score, we can send live scores to your mobile when they happen on Champions League, EPL and A-League matches. If you prefer, you can access live scores on our site. Remember that we also offer a live commentary on all the major games, enabling you to keep up with the action wherever you are.

Free Cricket Betting Tips

At iPunt, we take cricket as seriously as you do! That’s why our team provide top betting tips on major games and competitions, including One Day Internationals, T20s and Test Matches. For tipping that’s devised by experts, turn to us!

To keep on top of the scores as they happen, our live score feature enables you to receive live updates direct to your mobile, as well as being displayed on our site. If you want to keep up with the action on IPL, the Big Bash and the international games, we’ve got them covered at iPunt. Our results predictor uses in-depth statistical information to provide a fact based approach to guess work. Statistics, scores and other intriguing data is used to provide a valuable resource for every cricket enthusiast.

From bringing you the best odds from Australian bookmakers through to highlight videos and news on major cricketing events, including the Big bash, T20, IPL and more, we aim to give you everything you need to enjoy your favourite sport. Whether you take your betting seriously and want statistics and facts at your fingertips, or enjoy the thrill of experiencing live cricketing action as it happens, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Free NFL Betting Tips

For high grade betting tips, predictor statistics and analysis, news, views and more, when it comes to NFL we’ve got it. At iPunt we aim to offer customers extensive information on top matches and tournaments, including the Super Bowl and the regular season.

On NFL match day, we bring you live scores, direct to your mobile if required. If you want an informed commentary on the play as it happens, we provide it for major NFL matches, keeping you up to date with what’s happening if you can’t be there to enjoy it in person.

Our aim is to bring you full coverage of the regular season and the Super Bowl, enabling you to always easily keep up with what’s happening in the world of NFL.

Choosing the best odds from hundreds of Australian bookmakers is a challenge, which is why we do the hard work for you. We bring you odds from across the country, enabling you to find the ones which are right for you. If you enjoy fantasy competitions, or want high calibre tipping assistance, when it comes to NFL, at iPunt we do everything we can to give you the analysis, statistics and information you need for success.

Free NBA Betting Tips

For expert analysis, statistics, betting tips and other predictor information to inform your NBA fantasy competitions or other NBA entertainment needs, take a look at what we offer here at iPunt. Our knowledgeable team put together regularly updated news and tipping information on all the major NBA games.

Get some great odds at iPunt! We give you access to the odds on NBA fixtures from many different Australian bookmakers, as well as bring you information on relevant promotions and special offers. Better odds may mean a bigger payout, so it’s always worth taking a look at what bookmakers across the country are offering.

We provide exciting live coverage of NBA games and the NBA Final, as well as send live score information direct to your mobile. In addition, our NBL team bring you regular updates, news, commentaries, opinions and statistics on the game, providing a complete picture of what’s happening.

At iPunt, our intention is to provide NBA fans with the coverage and news they need to get the most from their passion. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or have only recently discovered how exciting NBA can be, our team is committed to helping you get the most from NBA.

Free Tennis Betting Tips

Tennis is a popular sport in Australia, which is why we provide tennis enthusiasts with the top tipping, news and statistics they crave on top national and international competitions, including the Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open, ATP Tour, WTA Tour, the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup.

When it comes to getting the best odds on a match, iPunt allows you to compare the offers of hundreds of different Australian bookmakers at the same time. Why bother spending hours on line, logging in to bookmaker, after bookmaker, when iPunt will do all the hard work for you?

For expert information before each match, it’s time to take a look at our match predictor feature. Based on expert analysis and statistics, the predictor can provide the information you need to make an informed guess regarding the outcome of a particular event.

We offer live coverage of dozens of major tennis events, including updated live scores and an engaging match commentary.

From top betting tips through to news, statistics and expert opinions, when it comes to tennis, iPunt has got it covered. We’re passionate about tennis and do everything we can to give customers the tennis information they’re looking for.