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Here at iPunt, we know how mad keen our nation is on its sports, and we aim to offer an unrivalled service for all daily or weekly fantasy sports devotees. When those sports fans scream for a fantastic touchdown, cheer that vital major score, celebrate a stunning try or cracking goal, then they are totally absorbed in their own moment of joy. When the final whistle sounds on a great victory, then the players know that all their hard work off the court or on the training ground has come to fruition. If you are a committed fantasy sports player then surely this kind of feeling is one of the great ways that fantasy sports games add even more to such magical sporting moments. If it’s your fantasy player pick who has stolen the points or made the play of the match then you can bask in the reflected glory!

You might be passionately involved in one or more of the fantasy sports we cover here at iPunt. From knowing how a late try can make a huge difference to your fantasy NRL, or a touchdown in the NFL, even a behind in the tightest of AFL clashes, or a goal in the EPL, and a basket in the NBA, to appreciating the value of the fantasy stats we provide, iPunt certainly adds that tiny bit more your fantasy cash games.

If you were in charge of a top team in real life, on the training ground and in the team room you’d want access to a wealth of vital stats and valuable projections, the latest news about your own team and their opponents. Here at iPunt we don’t see why the fantasy sports enthusiast shouldn’t find the same level of information.

That’s why we provide those valuable projections and all the vital stats to help you in deciding on your National Rugby League, Australian Football league, English Premier League soccer, National Basketball Association or National Football League gridiron fantasy picks. You’ll be able to quickly access exactly what you need from the very latest in analysis, thanks to our easy-use iPunt filters.

It’s all about that tiny competitive edge when you’re at the top end of professional sports. That’s the kind of advantage that our team here at iPunt also wants to provide. That’s why we deliver the best in fantasy sports cheat sheets, helping you to make your choices for the biggest and best of those terrific fantasy cash games.

So, if you are as passionate about fantasy sports as we are, then spending time with iPunt will ensure you have the best of stats to make those picks, analysis to back up your decisions, superb cheat sheets and projections. Our hard working reality truly backs up your time spent in the world of fantasy sports, whether your choice is the home based NRL or AFL, the English Premier League or, on the other side of the world, America’s NFL or NBA!

Fantasy NRL

If you are a passionate player of fantasy NRL competitions, then our committed team here at iPunt are ready to deliver an unmatched service to help you make the most of your sporting fantasy passion. While coaches will always demand that their players leave nothing behind on the pitch after 80 minutes of unremitting effort, you’ll probably be expending just as much mental energy on making sure you’ve got your picks right.

iPunt can help with this like no other online resource. We are committed to providing you with the best in up to date stats and picks for the time you’ll then spend enjoying being part of those terrific fantasy NRL cash games each day. But iPunt offer more – we deliver daily fantasy NRL projections to provide a detailed guide to use when selecting your players each week. Then there are our amazing cheat sheets, designed to give you that competitive fantasy NRL edge each day.

You’ll even discover that iPunt has gathered key salary data from the fantasy sports operators themselves – and we all know how important that information is when making your picks. Finally, just one more valuable help – we also deliver daily fantasy news updates and well thought through editorials – even more information from iPunt to help you decide on your best fantasy NRL lineups.

Fantasy AFL

Each year, as the Aussie Rules season gets into full swing, those old passions are aroused, team loyalties renewed, and optimism abounds. Whichever team you barrack for, this could be their year to stand in the winner’s spotlight that October Saturday at the MCG.

The team at iPunt also know how much fun is found from being part of those amazing AFL fantasy cash games. Like any of the AFL coaches, it’s up to you to make those key decisions on player rosters to gain the results you seek. Here at iPunt, we offer a wealth of helpful information to make those fantasy choices just as informed as you’d want them to be.

We’ll deliver accurate and up to date fantasy AFL players’ stats and key picks information. Each day, we offer superb fantasy AFL projections designed to give you the clearest guide to which players you might select any week. We add key salary data gained from the fantasy sports operators – and how vital is that in your decision making processes? There are even amazing cheat sheets to give you yet another competitive edge. Add our superb editorial and news features and you are surely ready to make those key fantasy AFL choices – thanks to our dedicated iPunt team.

Fantasy EPL

Whether United or City, Arsenal, Chelsea – or even Leicester – end up with the winner’s flag, there’s one thing to be sure of. Right throughout the season, the English Premier League will be the most keenly contested soccer competition anywhere in the world. That’s why our iPunt team knows that it’s such a great choice for fantasy sports players too.

If you are committed to a fantasy EPL competition, then, like any winning coach, you’ll want every possible piece of key information available at your fingertips.

iPunt works tirelessly to deliver the best that’s available. This ranges from updated EPL stats and picks to help with those cash games each day, to terrific cheat sheets that provide a superb competitive edge. You’ll also enjoy our clear projections and information releases, and gain from our careful analysis. We also have access to fantasy sports operators’ key salary data and then complete our EPL fantasy information package with daily news updates and canny editorials.

In all these different and valuable ways, our iPunt fantasy EPL service is surely unmatched. We can’t control the bounce of the ball, or avoid that goalkeeping howler, but from kick-off to the final, shrill blast of the ref’s whistle, you’ll know that iPunt is working to deliver all the fantasy EPL stats and info you’ll need.

Fantasy NFL

The National Football League grabs the world’s sporting attention each year, from pre-season match-ups right through to that amazing Super Bowl occasion early in February each year. This has been true for over half a century now, and this also explains why fantasy NFL competitions are so popular here in Australia.

Our iPunt team work with as much dedication as all the coaches and players to deliver exactly what you need to make the most of your daily fantasy NFL cash games. This includes superb cheat sheets, designed to provide an extra edge, plus a wealth of vital stats and picks. Our iPunt projections will also be of great value, offering a clear guide towards those key weekly selections.

You’ll also find our salary data, secured from fantasy sports operators, to be of great value, as are our daily detailed editorials and key information sources. With all this great information right at your fingertips, you can then make your fantasy NFL player choices. Of course, how they then perform on the actual field of play, how they stand up in the ferocity of an NFL battle, is beyond even iPunt’s ability to help! It’s surely this that makes fantasy NFL so compelling!

Fantasy NBA

For more than six decades now, the NBA has delivered terrific on-court entertainment to the hordes of fans right across North America. Here in Australia, our iPunt team know how passionately the game is followed by many – and how much fun is had from taking part in fantasy NBA competitions.

We work as hard as any full court press to deliver all the key information you require when playing those cash games or making those key picks. iPunt will be your source of up to date stats and picks, and our fantasy NBA projections will offer the clearest of guides as you make your weekly player selections. We even provide key salary data from the fantasy sports operators – and we know that NBA stars are reputed to be the highest paid sportsmen in the world!

iPunt also offers you superb cheat sheets to deliver another regular competitive edge. You’ll also find it valuable to spend time immersed in our daily news updates and editorial content, keeping you abreast of all you need to know. Then, your fantasy NBA players can be let loose to go out there and perform on the court for you.