DraftStars Fantasy Sports Australia

DraftStars Fantasy Sports

Are you a fantasy sports lover looking for exhilarating competition and generous cash prizes? DraftStars is the answer! The leading Daily Fantasy Sports League, introduced by Crown Bet, covers a wide range of codes including NFL, AFL, NBA, cricket and soccer. The concept behind fantasy sports is to create a team of top athletes in a particular code and that team competes against other teams which are selected the same way. The fantasy sports team you select is allocated points from the statistical analysis of individual players when they compete in real-life sporting competitions.

What makes daily fantasy sports more exciting than traditional season-long fantasy sports is the length of the competitions. Daily fantasy sports can range from a single match to a daily or weekly competition. This means that you can change your fantasy sports team daily or weekly, as opposed to having to be represented by the same team the entire season.

Joining DraftStars fantasy sports competition has heaps of benefits! Not only do you get to compete in exciting contests, against the best fantasy teams in their codes, you also have the opportunity to win massive cash prizes weekly!

Picking your ultimate sports team is a quick and easy process. You can either use our salary cap formats to assist you with selecting a team or test how well you know your code by using the live draft system. With our live draft system, you are able to trial new players, teams and sporting tactics daily or even weekly. So whether you’re interested in fantasy AFL, fantasy NRL, fantasy NBA or Fantasy EPL, there are so many competitions and betting options to select from that you’ll be able to find exactly what suits your individual needs.

By following DraftStars Live Match Centre, you’ll be able to experience the nail-biting excitement of watching your players score points in real-time! You can also check out the Live Leaderboard to see how you are ranking.

DraftStars was established as a joint venture between Crown Bet and Fox Sports and is recognised as the official daily fantasy sports partner representing the AFL.

How to Play DraftStars

Before you can start playing DraftStars Daily Fantasy Sports, you have to select which contest you prefer. The DraftStars lobby is where you will be able to find the range of contests available.

If you don’t see any contests you like in the lobby or you’d prefer to compete against your mates, you can also create your own contest. At DraftStars, we offer a simple, straightforward system that allows you to filter your options by either contest type, sport, total payout, entry amount and much more.

All of the contests are different when it comes to cash prizes. Some pools are shared over hundreds or thousands of Fantasy Sports winners, while others are winner takes all. So you have the option of choosing exactly which betting option you prefer when you are involved in our Fantasy Cash Games.

Whether you are interested in live drafts or daily fantasy sports tournaments, we provide all of these betting experiences. From guaranteed contests, such as head-to-head to multiplayer games or featured contests with huge cash prizes, we offer a wide selection of fantasy sports betting alternatives. We also offer a beginners’ contest for those wanting to develop a better understanding on how DraftStars fantasy sports competitions work.

You get to control which players you would like to start each day you compete. We let you choose the best line-up for you, within the constraints of the salary cap, as each player comes at a cost.

So that you have the highest success rate in our fantasy league, it’s vital to watch your contests live, so you have the opportunity to see players scores and statistics updated on a regular basis in real-time. Through My Contests or My Lineups, you can also access Live View.

Watching your contests live lets you see how you’re ranking against other fantasy sports punters, as well as gives you bragging rights with your friends and reveals if you’ve won any cash!

For all types of fantasy sports betting enthusiasts, DraftStars contests offer unrivalled exhilaration. Don’t forget to check out our wide variety of contests and start betting today!

DraftStars Scoring System

There are numerous different scoring systems offered by DraftStars for their NBA, NFL, AFL and NRL fantasy games.

  • You will find with Fantasy AFL there are 9 alternatives for point scoring and point deduction options (or free kicks against players).
  • With Fantasy NRL, there are 13 ways to score points, which range from an individual player’s activity through to their game performance.
  • For Fantasy NBA, you can score points in 8 different ways, as well as an additional 3 if you’re after bonus points, which are all dependent on individual player performances.
  • Fantasy NFL has up to 11 alternatives to score offense points, based on individual player performances, and 14 ways for defense players to also earn points.

With such a broad scope of contests and sports to choose from, as well as AFL soon-to-be-launched in the pools and other sports in future, you have so many fantasy betting options! It’s as easy as selecting your sport and contest from the many options available in the DraftStars lobby, then draft your fantasy team in a matter of minutes.

As you have the ability to use athletes from a complete selection of matches in a single match or even day, you have unparalleled betting options! Once you’ve finalised your team selection, you are then able to enter both paid or free contests against DraftStars punters or even your mates.

DraftStars Daily Fantasy Sports are a great way to make events more exciting, by creating some competitive rivalry with friends or family in a one-off game or a full day’s competition. You can also split up into groups and create teams to compete against each other, making the fantasy sports event far more thrilling for everyone involved!

DraftStars Mobile App

Want a simple and easy way to follow DraftStars fantasy sports while on the go? Then download the DraftStars mobile app! You’ll be able to check up on all of your fantasy sports teams and competitions at any time of the day or night at the touch of a button. Having a coffee break? With our mobile app, you can spend the time looking over your players’ statistics and make changes to your line-up. Sitting on the train heading home from work? Our mobile app means you can use travel time more productively, whether you want to see how you’re ranking or join a different competition, it’s up to you!

With all of DraftStars’ innovative features, this user-friendly mobile app is convenient and quick to navigate. Compatible with all mobile devices, you can download our app from the app store in minutes, then join a competition and start drafting your fantasy team without delay! As there are salary caps, as well as live drafting alternatives available through the app, it also ensures that beginners through to more advanced sports punters can use it to build competitions and fantasy sports teams. If you have any questions, contact us for more information.